KPS7200 Extra Gloss Euro Speed Clearcoat 5litre 2.1Voc

KPS7200 Extra Gloss Euro Speed Clearcoat 5litre 2.1Voc
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  • Item #: KPS7200
  • Manufacturer: KPS Products
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KPS7200  Clearcoat is an acrylic urethane clearcoat with a sprayable V.O.C. of 2.1 lb/gal (using EPA Test Method 24). This product meets National Rule V.O.C. regulations of 5.0 #/gal V.O.C. and Bay Area Rule 45 V.O.C. regulation of 4.5 lb/gal for Group 1 vehicles for basecoat/clearcoat systems and can be used with all solvent and waterborne basecoats. It is suitable for all automotive refinishing as well as trucks and equipment. KPS7200 EuroSpeed Urethane Clearcoat can be buffed in less than 1hours. Its fast dry time enables customers to cycle more cars through their shops. With KPS7200 a shop can clearcoat, buff/polish and deliver the vehicle in the same day!. These advantages translate into less energy usage, and more profit per job.


Use only KPS722 Medium Activator with this clearcoat.

Weight: 12.20 lbs.
Case Quantity: 3
Dry and buff in less than a Hour!

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